Murder of prominent ex-FARC fighter condemned

Murder of prominent ex-FARC fighter condemned

Agency News

United Nations, Oct 28 : The UN Verification Mission in Colombia has condemned the murder of the prominent former FARC rebel leader, Alexander Parra, also known as Rodolfo Fierro, in the area where training and reintegration has been taking place, and expressed its “condolences to his family and community members”.

The UN Verification Mission voiced its “profound” condemnation for this latest murder, reportedly at the hands of a death squad, which has seen more than 150 former members of the demobilised militia killed, since the signing of the historic peace agreement with the Government in 2016.

Mr Parra was a former commander, FARC delegate to the Departmental Council for Reintegration in Meta and international coordinator, said the Mission. He was “recognised for his commitment to the peace process and his active role in promoting reintegration. His partner, who was present during the events, is a FARC party candidate for the municipal council of Mesetas.”

The assassination is the first to take place in the demobilisation and reintegration area, where former FARC fighters are living under public protection, before being fully reintegrating into civilian life. (UNI)