China, Russia, Pakistan and US hold talks for peace in Afghanistan

China, Russia, Pakistan and US hold talks for peace in Afghanistan

Agency News

Moscow, Oct 26 :  Representatives of China, Russia, the United States and Pakistan has reaffirmed respect for Afghanistan's sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, and discussed ways to assist the Afghan people in achieving lasting peace.

The parties believe that it is a universal and sincere demand of the Afghan people to end the Afghan war and achieve sustainable peace, Russian news agency Sputnik quoted a joint statement issued on Friday after the second quadrilateral consultation on the Afghan issue in Moscow.

They reviewed the current situation in Afghanistan, including joint efforts to effectively solve the Afghan issue via political and diplomatic means, and reiterated that sustainable peace can only be achieved through political negotiations.

China, Russia and Pakistan support the resumption of negotiations between the United States and the Taliban and hoped them to reach an agreement as soon as possible so as to pave the way for internal negotiations among the parties in Afghanistan, the statement said.

Meanwhile, the quartet pledged to help the Afghan government and all parties concerned reach a comprehensive and sustainable peace agreement with the Taliban, so as to end the war, safeguard the interests of all Afghan people, as well as contribute to regional stability and global security.

According to the statement, the four countries urged all conflicting parties to immediately reduce violence for the sake of creating a good atmosphere for negotiations.