Afghan Forces kill facilitator of Taliban explosions: Reports

Afghan Forces kill facilitator of Taliban explosions: Reports

Agency News

Kabul, Oct 18 : The Special Forces of the National Directorate of Security (NDS) killed Salahuddin alias Ibrahimi, a facilitator of Taliban explosions in the northeastern Afghan province of Takhar, local media reported citing the NDS.

The special forces identified and eliminated Salahuddin in the city of Taloqan [the capital of the Takhar province] before he could carry out a series of targeted attacks against the tribal leaders, the Khaama news outlet said Thursday.

A group of nine Taliban militants was also reportedly arrested during a separate raid in the Takhar province. The Taliban group has not yet commented on the operation. The radical movement has been waging war against the Afghan government for years, challenging stability and security in the region. As a result of political turmoil, radical groups, such as Islamic State and al-Qaeda (both banned in Russia), have spread across the country.

Throughout 2019, the Taliban held talks with the United States, but the attempts to work out a peaceful agreement, which would see foreign troops leave Afghanistan, have not been successful so far. (UNI)