Hagibis: Over 4.2 million under  evacuation threat in Japan

Hagibis: Over 4.2 million under evacuation threat in Japan

Agency News

Tokyo, Oct 12 : More than 4.2 million residents of 10 Japanese prefectures, including Tokyo Metropolis, have received recommendations to evacuate due to approaching Typhoon Hagibis, media reported on Saturday.

Moreover, 50,000 people living in Tokyo Metropolis and the southeastern prefectures of Mie, Shizuoka, Gunma and Chiba had been ordered to evacuate, which means they were already facing danger to life and health, the NHK broadcaster reported.
According to the reports, one person was killed and five other people, including three children, have sustained injuries amid a whirlwind in the city of Ichihara, Chiba prefecture.

The Kyodo news agency reported, citing energy company TEPCO, that over 770,000 people in the Chiba prefecture had faced power cuts over the approaching typhoon.
A Sputnik correspondent reported earlier on Saturday that restaurants, shops, including 24-hour convenience ones, and pharmacies are closing across Tokyo due to the weather conditions.(UNI)