Use of term Sea of Japan a matter of dispute: Seoul

Use of term Sea of Japan a matter of dispute: Seoul

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Seoul, Oct 11 : South Korean authorities on Friday requested the use of the name East Sea to refer to the body of water between Korean Peninsula and the Japanese Archipelago.

United News of India had reported on Monday that a fishing vessel belonging to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and a Japanese Fisheries Agency patrol boat reportedly collided in the Sea of Japan, according to accounts from the Japan Coast Guard.

In a statement, Kim Jae Hwan of the Korean Culture and Information Service pointed out that the Republic of Korea and Japan have not yet agreed on a common name.

The International Hydrographic Organisation and the United Nations Conference on the Standardisation of Geographical Names resolve that the name forms of each of the languages in question should be accepted for publication when two or more countries cannot agree upon a common name form.

Japan claims the use of the name Sea of Japan based on a decision in 1929 from the conference of the IHO in Monaco.

On the basis of the conference outcomes, the IHO published the first edition of Limits of Oceans and Seas in order to define names and limits of seas by adopting the name Sea of Japan.

The Republic of Korea, however, has never agreed to this decision since it could not participate in the conference because of the Japanese colonial rule. As a result, the South Korean government has been seeking to straighten out this issue since its independence.

The Korean Culture and Information Service, affiliated with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism serves as a communication bridge to promote Korea overseas. (UNI)