Special ‘Brexit’ sitting for MPs on 19 October to decide UK’s future

Special ‘Brexit’ sitting for MPs on 19 October to decide UK’s future

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London, 09 Oct 2019: As a last chance to save rexit, UK Parliament will meet on 19 October to agree a deal ahead of 31 OBctober deadline.

If a deal is agreed, Boris Johnson will ask MPs to approve it. If not, a range of options such as leaving without a deal, halting Brexit altogether etc could be presented.

MPs will have to agree a business motion in the Commons for the sitting to take place. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says his MPs will attend and "do everything we can" to stop a no-deal Brexit.

The House of Commons has only sat on four Saturdays since 1939, including on 2 September that year, due to the outbreak of World War Two. The last time there was a Saturday sitting was 3 April 1982, due to the invasion of the Falkland Islands.

The prime minister has said he is determined that the UK will leave the EU on 31 October, despite legislation, known as the Benn Act, which requires him to write to the EU requesting a further delay if a deal is not signed off by Parliament by 19 October - or unless MPs agree to a no-deal Brexit.