Extinction Rebellion: London Police arrest almost 500 protesters

Extinction Rebellion: London Police arrest almost 500 protesters

Agency News

London, Oct 9 : Around 500 protesters were arrested by London's Metropolitan Police in the first 24 hours of the mass demonstration as Extinction Rebellion protesters demanding much more urgent action against climate change, police said on Tuesday.

On Monday, a synchronized protest was launched by Extinction Rebellion in various major European cities, including London, with participants lying or sitting, often in tents, on the street disrupting traffic until law enforcement officers escorted them away. On Tuesday, the Metropolitan Police limited the protest to the Trafalgar square arresting anyone who ventures beyond it, Sputnik reported.

According to the police, on Monday, a total of 280 protesters were arrested as part of the Extinction Rebellion protests in London. On Tuesday, a total of 212 people had been arrested till 5.30pm.

The majority of protesters were let off with a fine. However, they returned to protest again. In recent months Extinction Rebellion has been actively staging protests trying to bring the public's attention to global warming, which they call the 'climate emergency', the report added. The protests are also happening in other cities such as Berlin, Amsterdam and Sydney and others.(UNI)