UN chief renews call for answers in Hammarskjöld cold case

UN chief renews call for answers in Hammarskjöld cold case

Agency News

United Nations, Oct 8 : The UN chief has said he is “deeply committed” to continuing the investigation searching for definitive answers over the tragic deaths of former Secretary-General, Dag Hammarskjöld, and 15 others traveling with him aboard a flight enroute to settle conflict in the Congo’s Katanga, in September of 1961.

Mr Guterres noted that according to a new report, the appointed investigator (Eminent Person) has received new information about possible causes of the plane crash in what was the Northern Rhodesia, now Zambia, which claimed the lives of Mr Hammarskjöld and those onboard.

The cause of the crash, whether accidental or as some believe, an assassination plot, continues to be debated. New information has surfaced regarding intercepts by Member States of communications surrounding the crash, the ability of Katanga’s armed forces or others to have staged an attack, and the presence of foreign paramilitary or intelligence personnel in the area; a rebel-held region of the Congo at the time.

Mr Guterres has expressed a need for renewed urgency in resolving once and for all the truth behind the cold case, despite noting that the Eminent Person leading the inquiry had noted the "excellent" cooperation on the part of Member States and private individuals, surrounding the investigation.

In a statement attributed to his Spokesman, Mr Guterres said “we owe this to Dag Hammarskjold and the members of the party accompanying him.” (UNI)