Iraq: 93 die in anti-govt protests, around 4000 injured

Iraq: 93 die in anti-govt protests, around 4000 injured

Agency News

Baghdad, Oct 5 : The ongoing agitation in the oil-rich country has refused to die, even after claiming 93 lives and leaving around 4,000 people wounded in the last four days, an official said here on Saturday.

"The toll of violence that accompanied the protests during the four days in Baghdad and some provinces rose to 93, including security members,'’ said Ali al-Bayati, a member of the Iraqi Independent High Commission for Human Rights (IHCHR), told Xinhua. According to Mr Bayati, till now, 3,978 people had been wounded in the violent protests, which continued to rock the capital and other cities. The IHCHR is an independent commission, linked to Iraqi Parliament.

Hundreds of Iraqi nationals had come out on the streets in Baghdad and other Iraqi provinces, demanding a better life, job opportunities and basic services from the government.

According to the protestors, even after two years of defeating the extremist Islamic State militants, millions of people were still 'living in worsening conditions' in Iraq.
Early in the day, Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi called on the agitators to maintain peace. In his televised speech, Mr Mahdi said, 'Their (demonstrators) 'legitimate demands have been heard, but we appeal for calm'.

It is seen as the first major challenge to Mr Mahdi's fragile government, nearly a year since he came to power. (UNI)