Trump calls on China to investigate Biden’s family business dealings

Trump calls on China to investigate Biden’s family business dealings

Agency News

Washington, Oct 4: US President Donald Trump has urged China to investigate the family of Joe Biden, a former Vice President of the US and his leading political rival for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Trump's public statement has come amid an impeachment inquiry in the Democratic-controlled US House of Representatives emerged after his efforts to push Ukraine's head of state to undertake a probe of the Bidens' business dealings in the Eastern European country. "China should start an investigation into the Bidens because what happened in China is just about as bad as what happened with Ukraine," Trump told reporters at the White House before flying to Florida for a campaign event, CNN reported.

When asked about whether he had asked Chinese President Xi Jinping to assist with an investigation of the Biden family, Trump said he had not yet done so but that "it's certainly something we can start thinking about".

On Thursday, Biden campaign had slammed Trump for calling on China and the Ukraine to investigate the candidate and his family. "Now, with his administration in free-fall, Donald Trump is flailing and melting down on national television, desperately clutching for conspiracy theories that have been debunked and dismissed by independent, credible news organizations," Deputy Campaign Manager and Communications Director Kate Bedingfield said in a statement. "It could not be more transparent: Donald Trump is terrified that Joe Biden will beat him like a drum" in the 2020 presidential election, she added.

Biden has said on multiple occasions that he had never had any discussions with his second son, Hunter Biden, about the latter's overseas business dealings, which have been the subject of numerous stories in recent times. Earlier last week, House Democrats led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California, announced a formal impeachment inquiry based on a whistleblower complaint raising alarms about Trump’s phone call with Zelensky. In that call, Trump asked if Ukraine could “look into” unsubstantiated allegations of wrongdoing against Biden and his son.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who admitted this week that he was on the call with Trump and Zelensky, sent a heated message to Democratic committee leaders, saying they’re attempting to “intimidate, bully, & treat improperly the distinguished professionals of the Department of State.” Those panel leaders said in response that Pompeo himself was a “fact witness” in the impeachment inquiry, and added that trying to prevent witnesses from talking to Congress constituted “evidence of obstruction.” UNI