Rich Hong Kongers run after ‘golden visa’ as protest intensifies

Rich Hong Kongers run after ‘golden visa’ as protest intensifies

Agency News

As the unrest in the Hong Kong worsening day after day, wealthy Hong Kong citizens are on the hunt of ‘golden visa’ to leave the country for a peaceful stay in other countries.

Many countries run "golden visa" schemes that offer resident or citizenship rights in exchange for sizeable investments. Several migration firms have reported a rise in interest from Hong Kong for golden visas since the unrest began.

The clash between the Hong Police and protesters reached to a new level as the police fired on the chest of a protester couple of days back. Quoting various immigration agencies, BBC reported that a sharp rise in interest is witnessed from Hong Kong residents in ‘investor visa’ schemes.

‘Golden visa’ programmes exist all over the world and most countries offer a visa on the purchase of property, government bonds or a set donation. The minimum investment for a golden visa starts from a $100,000 (£81,200) donation in Antigua & Barbuda, to around €2m (£1.8m) in real estate investment for Cyprus.