EU calls on Boris Johnson to publish Brexit plan in full

EU calls on Boris Johnson to publish Brexit plan in full

Agency News

European Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker has urged the British government to publish its Brexit plan in full.

Jean-Claude Juncker’s demand for publishing Boris Johnson’s Brexit plan came after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was accused by Ireland’s prime minister of misleading parliament over the impact on the Irish border. Ireland’s Leo Varadkar says PM’s pledge of no hard border contradicts written proposal.

Earlier Juncker spoke on the phone to Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar. He then issued a statement saying the two men agreed that the UK should open the legal text tabled on Wednesday to public scrutiny.

The UK has so far only made public a seven-page explanatory document on its proposals. The government has insisted that the full 44-page legal text given to the European commission be kept confidential.

The European parliament’s Brexit steering group insisted the UK proposals did not “even remotely” amount to an acceptable deal for the EU. The move came on a dramatic day during which Johnson’s hopes of securing a Brexit deal by the time of a crunch summit appeared to be a reality.