Global Firepower Index report: Bangladesh moves up to 45 rank in military power

Global Firepower Index report: Bangladesh moves up to 45 rank in military power

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Dhaka, Oct 2 : Bangladesh has been ranked 45th powerful military in the world in 2019 with a significant upward improvement compared to the position last year, according to the Global Firepower Index(GFP Index) released on Wednesday.

Bangladesh’s two next-door neighbours India and Myanmar have been ranked 4th and 37th respectively in the GFP Index 2019. The GFP ranking is based on each nation’s potential war-making capability across land, sea and air with conventional weapons. The first 20 countries in GFP 2019 are: United States, Russia, China, India, France,Japan, South Korea, United Kingdom, Turkey, Germany, Italy, Egypt, Brazil, Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia, Israel, North Korea, Australia and Spain. The military strengths of 137 countries in total have been considered in the GFP.

In South Asia, according to GFP 2019, India topped the list with the 4th position, Pakistan 15th, Bangladesh 45, Afghanistan 74th, Sri Lanka 19th, Nepal 120th and Bhutan 137th. Bangladesh’s rank was 57 out of 137, in the GFP Index 2018.

The GFP assessment incorporates values related to resources, finances and geography with over 55 different factors – strength of military personnel, combat tanks, armoured fighting vehicles, self-propelled artillery, towed artillery, rocket projectors, naval assets including aircraft carriers, submarines, frigates, destroyers, corvettes, patrol vessels, mine warfare, aircraft strength including fighters, total helicopter strength, transport planes, training aircraft, etc.

The GFP also takes into consideration oil production, oil consumption, proven oil reserve, labour force, merchant marine strength, major seaports, roadway coverage, railway coverage, usable airports, defence budget, external debt, reserve of foreign exchanges, purchasing power parity, geographical considerations including shared borders and coastline coverage, among others.

Global Firepower has been providing an analytical display of data concerning 137 modern military powers since 2006. (UNI)