PoK leader pins hope on Russia to push UNSC to take action on dispute with India

PoK leader pins hope on Russia to push UNSC to take action on dispute with India

Agency News

Muzaffarabad, Oct 2 : Islamabad hopes Russia can push the UN Security Council to take action to resolve the Kashmir dispute, Masood Khan, who runs Pakistan occupied Kashmir (Pok) told Sputnik.

"We would also look towards constructive role by the Russian Federation, its leadership," Khan said on Tuesday. "We hope that Russia as permanent member of the Security Council would also move the Security Council towards action oriented steps. The Security Council right now is passive, it is not doing much. So, we are open to mediation but it should be purpose -built, purpose oriented mediation."

Khan said that Pakistan is grateful to Russia for its position during the recent UNSC session on August 16. "The Russian delegate referred to UN Security Council Resolutions on Jammu and Kashmir and bilateral agreements and international law. So, Russia’s posture was very constructive," Khan said. "We have improving ties with Russia. We have close ties with Russia."

Last week, US President Donald Trump on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York said he had offered his mediation efforts to the leaders of India and Pakistan. "We have always welcome third party mediation. In that context we also welcome President Trump’s offers of mediation in the recent past. But this offer has not ending in serious endeavor because India’s instant rejection of the mediation by President Trump. But it is not just Trump," Khan said.

In response to Trump’s offer, External Affairs Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar had said that his country does not need third-party mediation in resolving the dispute with Pakistan. (UNI)