Development card has worked in north east of India, says Jaishankar

Development card has worked in north east of India, says Jaishankar

Agency News

Washington, Oct 2: Seeking to draw a broad comparison between the situations in Jammu and Kashmir and north east India, External Affairs Minister Dr S Jaishankar on Wednesday said the far-flung region is "largely peaceful" today.

"In north east region also, India has tackled very difficult situation. And today if you see the north east, it is largely peaceful," Dr Jaishankar said answering questions after his speech at the Centre for Strategic and International Studies, a renowned US think tank, here. He said people in the northeastern region are employed in 'gainful livelihood' -- and "not throwing stones at security forces".

"The development card has actually worked in the north east," he emphasised adding, "it has worked very strongly even in political mainstreaming as national parties today have a lot of support". The remarks have their own significance and came in the context of Dr Jaishankar laying emphasis that - "if we (Govt of India) manage to get development going in Jammu and Kashmir, do understand, that everything that the Pakistanis have planned for the last 70 years comes to naught".

"And therefore, that's not something Pakistan is going to let happen our challenge today is to ensure that this (development card) works on the ground," the External Affairs Minister said. UNI