Hong Kong Police fires tear gas at protestors

Hong Kong Police fires tear gas at protestors

Agency News

Hong Kong, Sep 29 :  Police repeatedly fired water cannons, tear gas and rubber bullets in Hong Kong's Wan Chai area, as the protestors threw petrol bombs and bricks, while marching towards the government headquarters on Sunday.

The 17th weekend of demonstrations quickly descended into chaos, as multiple clashes broke out across the city.

The global support rally in the Wan Chai commercial area saw a large group of agitators, holding up flags of the United States, Japan, Switzerland, India and other countries, Sputnik reported.

They marched along the Hennessy Road, calling for international support for the pro-democracy movement. Many carried red flags with yellow stars arranged in a Swastika, with a black slash over it.

The demonstration came under a barrage of tear gas soon after setting out, forcing the demonstrators to rearrange. The march was halted again soon, to allow for the distribution of umbrellas and other supplies.

Soon, Police occupied a pedestrian bridge, firing salvos of tear gas and rubber bullets at gas mask-wearing protestors, who pulled back, under the cover of umbrellas.
A few agitators clashed with police outside the Wan Chai subway station, which was ransacked by the protestors and shut down.

A larger number of demonstrators continued to march towards the government building, after police withdrew from the bridge, when they hurled shards of glass and brick debris on the latter.

Police repeatedly fired water cannon and tear gas at the protestors, who piled bricks and set them on fire. Police fired water cannon at the blaze and into the nearby group of reporters.

Over the past few months, Hong Kong has been facing a wave of rallies against proposed amendments to the city's extradition law. Protests often turn violent after demonstrators begin engaging in clashes with the police.

In early September, the controversial extradition bill was formally withdrawn, but the protestors continued rallying, demanding universal suffrage, an end to legal procedures against fellow demonstrators and an investigation into alleged police violence.(UNI)