China star-fish-shaped airport is biggest single terminal in the world

China star-fish-shaped airport is biggest single terminal in the world

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The newly opened China’s new airport, Daxing International Airport, has become the cynosure of the world due to it is shaped like a star-fish. The Daxing airport’s attraction is not only in its shape but also due to its size- this is the biggest single terminal in the world.

Atlanta airport in the United States -- the world’s busiest airport -- can receive more than a hundred million passengers, but across two terminals. The current Beijing Capital International Airport -- the world’s second largest -- is already overflowing, with just over 100 million passengers annually.

“Daxing is an extension of the phenomenal growth of the aviation market in China,” said Shukor Yusof, head of Malaysia-based aviation consultancy Endau Analytics.

Air transport is booming in China as living standards increase along with peoples’ desire to travel. It is expected to surpass the US to become the world’s biggest aviation market by the mid-2020s, according to the International Air Transport Association.

China star-fish-shaped airport is biggest single terminal in the world

By 2037 the country will have 1.6 billion plane journeys each year -- a billion more than in 2017, the organisation estimates.

The construction period prolonged for four years and then Chinese state and party leader Xi Jinping opened the new Daxing International Airport before the world.

With around 700,000 square meters of building space — comparable to 98 soccer fields — the airport is the largest in the world. It is expected to receive about 170 million passengers by 2025, becoming one of the world's busiest transport hubs.

The building, designed by the late 1960s Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid, has been dubbed the "starfish" because of its six long arms. Zaha Hadid said the airport was built keeping in mind to give preference to the organic shapes and plenty of natural light.

Daxing airport is said to be the world’s most expensive airport which has been built with a whopping $63 billion. Each arm is about 600 meters long or about one-third of a mile, so passengers don't have to walk too far to their gates.

In the long term, the airport is expected to become the busiest transportation hub in the world. China expects the new airport will transport around 45 million passengers per year in 2021. That number could eventually rise to 100 million. Located 46km south of central Beijing, the seven-runway facility is expected to handle 72 million passengers a year by 2025, and is intended to relieve pressure on the overcrowded Beijing Capital International Airport – ranked the world’s second-busiest in 2018 by the World Airport Traffic Report.