Hong Kong Bank workers to form Trade Union

Hong Kong Bank workers to form Trade Union

Agency News

Raising another headache to Hong Kong authorities and China, Hong Kong bank employees are being set up a trade union amid the city’s ongoing protests.

Leaders behind the attempt said that their goals include “defending democracy and freedom.”

The union named as ‘The Hong Kong Financial Industry Employees General Union’ completed registration under the city’s trade-unions ordinance this week, a spokesman for the Labour Department said. The organization has about 20 members and hopes to increase the number to 1,000 in a year, according to a representative.

The move by the Banking employees to form a trade union at the backdrop of Hong Kong protests will make displeasure among both Hong Kong officials and Chinese authorities.

Beijing has always kept a close eye on the labour movement in Hong Kong where labour unrest is almost an unheard of phenomenon. One of the key jobs for the Communist Party's Hong Kong and Macau work committee was to steer the Federation of Trade Union (FTU), the major trade union force in China. The federation played a pivotal role in the campaign against the British in the 1960s. After the unrest, some of its best brains quit. The second- and third-liners who took the helm gave up their political struggle and instead focused on providing welfare and job training to workers.

The recent unrest and protest at Hong Kong airport had ended in the dismissal of many employees from Cathay Pacific. The move by the Hong Kong officials has sparked unrest among the employees and hundreds of trade union members protested in Hong Kong to denounce Cathay Pacific Airways for firing several employees who were taking part in or supporting pro-democracy rallies that have swept the city for weeks.