Baluch leader attacks Pak

Baluch leader attacks Pak


A senior member of the Free Balochistan Movement launched a blistering attack on Pakistan calling it a blot on humanity and a virus which is affecting the entire world.

The scathing reaction came amid the annual United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) session where Balochistan is expected to raise human rights violation in the country by Pakistan among several other issues.

While speaking to media in New York, the Central Council Member of Free Balochistan Movement, Mr.  Shams Baloch, said, 'We aim to expose the real face of Pakistan before the world and let the world know that Pakistan is a blot on humanity.'

World leaders have gathered at the UN headquarters in New York to attend the 74th session of the UNGA where they will highlight the issues that matter most to their countries. Several non-governmental organisations and civil society groups from Balochistan have been protesting outside UN headquarters against Pakistan's atrocities on Baloch people.