Anti-Pak protests in New York

Anti-Pak protests in New York


Hundreds of taxis and trucks appeared on the busy streets of New York on Thursday morning displaying atrocities against minorities in Pakistan. The yellow taxicabs and mini trucks carrying rooftop digital advertising highlighted the plight and miseries that minorities are facing in Pakistan.

The campaign launched just ahead of the Pakistan Prime Minister, Mr.  Imran Khan's scheduled address to the UN General Assembly has been launched by a US-based advocacy group, Voice of Karachi.

Some ads seen on the taxis and trucks plying around the UN headquarters said, 'Pakistan: A country in denial of UN charter on Human rights' and 'Mohajirs demand the UN intervention in Pakistan.'

'Since Pakistan does not allow Mohajirs to hold even a peaceful protest against such injustices, we have no other option but to approach the United Nations and other international bodies to seek their intervention. It is our moral, human, and democratic right,' Karachi's former mayor, Mr.  Wasay Jalil, said.

'Atrocities are being committed against Mohajirs, it has been going on for decades, we have lost more than 25,000 lives & there have been thousands of forced disappearances. We want to apprise the world of our situation caused by Pakistan.'