UN listing and FATF matters must not be politicised: Modi

UN listing and FATF matters must not be politicised: Modi

Agency News

New York, Sep 24 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi has mounted pressure on global players and the world body UN not to distinguish between bad terrorism and good terrorism and said there is need to ensure that terrorists "should not be allowed" to get funds and arms.

"For this objective to be realised, we need to avoid politicisation of mechanisms like the UN listing and Financial Action Task Force (FATF). These mechanisms need to be enforced and strengthened," Mr Modi said at the Leaders' Dialogue on Strategic Responses to Terrorist and Violent Extremist Narratives at the United Nations headquarters here on Monday.

Briefing reporters on Prime Minister's daylong engagement at the UN, MEA Secretary (West) A Gitesh Sarma said - Mr Modi called for global solidarity and readiness against terrorism in the same way as the world expresses solidarity against challenges like climate change.

Mr Modi said, "a terrorist attack anywhere is the world should be considered terrorism. Not good or bad terrorism".

Mr Sarma said - "India's rising stature and strong democratic credentials are getting increasingly resonated in multilateral fora and this was very much exemplified by French President Emmanuel Macron, who in his opening statement at the Leaders' Dialogue appreciated India's association with the Christchurch Call particularly as a democracy".

Mr Sama said in his intervention, Prime Minister Modi called for 'qualitative upgradation' in the ongoing cooperation and intelligence sharing under bilateral and regional framework.

Mr Modi also suggested that there should be institutionalising' of counter terrorism cooperation at the multi lateral level. "India will work towards enhancing ongoing cooperation in capacity building with friendly countries in this area," Prime Minister said.

Mr Sarma further said - "Sharing India's experience, Prime Minister said that democratic values, diversity and inclusive development were the most important weapons against ideology that promotes terrorism, extremism and radicalism".
India has supported the 'Christchurch Call' to sanitize cyber space from content that promotes and eulogises terrorism and violence. This was also underlined by the Prime Minister at the Leaders' Dialogue.(UNI)