‘Long road’ to reconciliation in Hong Kong, says Lam

‘Long road’ to reconciliation in Hong Kong, says Lam

Agency News

China-backed Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam has admitted that the road to peace in Hong Kong is not easy. Though there was some trust deficit, still she hoped dialogue would help resolve the political crisis gripping the city.

She said on Tuesday the city's police force is under extreme pressure and acknowledged it will be a "long road" towards healing the divisions in Hong Kong society.

Backing the police action against pro-democratic protesters, Beijing-backed Lam said it was "quite remarkable" there had not been fatalities during the demonstrations.

Even Amnesty International had alleged Police highhandedness against protesters in the last weekend march, Police cast doubt over these allegations and Lam supported Police in this incident. The allegation was that Police officers beat a man during a protest on Saturday. But Police Acting Senior Superintendent Vasco Williams told reporters on Monday that footage of the alleged incident appeared to show an "officer kicking a yellow object", not a man, in an alley.

He conceded that the incident needed to be investigated, although he ruled out police "malpractice" and said the video could have been "doctored".

Lam said that while she supported the police to safeguard the rule of law, she would not “condone irregularities or wrong practices done by the police force."

"I know the level of mutual trust is now relatively low in Hong Kong, but we have to make sure that we can continue to operate as a civil society," she told reporters.