Hong Kong: Prodemocratic leader attacked

Hong Kong: Prodemocratic leader attacked

Agency News

A three-member team of assailants have physically attacked a democratic legislator, Roy Kwong, on Tuesday in the Tin Shui Wai district close to the border with mainland China.

Seriously injured, Roy Kwong, was soon taken to hospital. It is alleged that he was being punched and kicked by three men. Fellow Democratic Party legislator Lam Cheuk-ting said the assailants had suspected triad, or organised criminal backgrounds, and intended "to send a message to threaten all" pro-democracy legislators.

Over more than three months, many peaceful protests have degenerated into running battles between black-clad protesters and police, who have responded with tear gas, water cannon, rubber bullets, bean-bag rounds and several live rounds fired into the air.

Police, who have also been seen beating protesters on the ground with batons, say they have shown restraint in the face of increased violence, including protesters hurling petrol bombs.