Climate challenge: PM bats for people’s movement

Climate challenge: PM bats for people’s movement

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United Nations, Sep 23 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said not enough is being done to tackle the challenge of Climate Change and maintained what the world needs is people’s movement at global level to bring about 'behavioral change'.

'What is needed today is a comprehensive approach which covers everything from education to values, and from lifestyle to developmental philosophy. What we need is a global people’s movement to bring about behavioral change,' said Mr Modi addressing the Climate Action Summit 2019 convened by UN Chief Antonio Guterres.

'Today there is a need for a comprehensive approach to deal with the problem. The action plan should include education, values and life-style issues and development philosophies also,' he said. The Prime Minister said the world must accept that 'if we have to overcome a serious challenge like climate change, then what we are doing at the moment is just not enough'.

The respect for nature, the judicious use of resources, reducing needs and living within the means have all been important aspects of both the Indian traditions and present day efforts, he stated. 'Need not Greed has been our guiding principle. And therefore India today has come not just to talk about the seriousness of this issue, but to present a practical approach and a roadmap. We believe that an ounce of practice is worth more than a tonne of preaching,' the Prime Minister said.

Speaking as one of the early speakers after UN Secretary General made a hard-hitting speech, the Prime Minister said in India, efforts are being taken to increase non-fossil fuel.

A number of youth leaders participating at the Climate Action Summit 2019 slammed the elder generation for the climate related crisis the world has landed with. 'How dare you continue to look away.....,' said a young participant minutes after the Summit was kicked off by a hard-hitting speech from the UN Chief.

The participant said it is ridiculous to say that the elder generation has been doing enough vis-a-vis the challenge of Climate Change. 'The politics and the solutions needed are still not in sight. You say you (elder generation) hear us and that you understand the urgency....I do not want to believe that,' she said, adding because if the elders understood the problem , they would not have still failed to act.

The Prime Minister said 'By 2022, on the renewable energy sector, we are working to achieve 175 Gigawatt renewable energy capacity,' adding in future, India will take the same to 450 Gigawatt. At present, India has installed renewable energy capacity of 80 Gigawatt. In the transport sector, the Prime Minister said, his government is encouraging E-mobility. He maintained steps are also being taken to increase biofuel content in petrol and diesel.

Mr Modi said 150 million families have been provided with clean cooking gas connections and measures are also being taken on water conservation and rain harvesting. 'There is a cost to everything but the biggest cost is doing nothing.... The biggest cost is building more and more coal power plant,' said Mr Guterres.The UN Secretary General said, 'We are in deep climate woe and to get out we must first stop digging.'He said, 'After all is it common sense to give trillions in hard earned taxpayers' money to the fossil fuel industry.'

'Is it common sense to built over more coal plants that can affect our future? Is it common sense to reward pollution which kills millions with dirty air ? ' he said, adding, ``It is time to shift taxes from pollution to people.'(UNI)