PM’s global message ‘Everything is fine in India’

PM’s global message ‘Everything is fine in India’

Agency News

Houston, United States, Sep 22 : Under relentless attack by opposition parties in India on joblessness, Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the global stage in presence of US President Donald Trump and American lawmakers, said back home everything is fine.

Addressing the historic 'Howdy Modi' rally at the NRG stadium here, the Prime Minister asserted that everything is okay in the country and repeated the phrase in number of Indian languages including Punjabi, Gujarati, Bangla and Hindi.

The Prime Minister said while Indians are known for their patience, now the country has become 'adheer' (restive) about development. He said 'We are changing ourselves and challenging ourselves....We are aiming high and achieving higher'.

The Prime Minister said in India the most spoken word is 'Vikaas' (development) and the mantra is 'Sabka saath, Sabka Vikaas' (Development of all with the participation of all). (UNI)