US to deploy reinforcements to Gulf

US to deploy reinforcements to Gulf


The US Defence Secretary, Mr.  Mark Esper,  has said that the United States will send reinforcements to the Gulf region at the request of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, following attacks on Saudi oil facilities which it blames on Iran.

The Pentagon chief said an Iranian attack on an American spy drone in June after Teheran seized a British oil tanker, combined with the attack on two Saudi oil installations last Saturday 'represents a dramatic escalation of Iranian aggression. 'To prevent further escalation, Saudi Arabia requested international support to help protect the Kingdom’s critical infrastructure. The United Arab Emirates has also requested assistance,' he said.

'In response to the Kingdom’s request, the President has approved the deployment of US forces, which will be defensive, and primarily focused on air and missile defence,' Mr.  Esper said.

The deployment would be 'moderate', the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gern.  Joe Dunford said, but did not specify the type of equipment or exact number of reinforcements, except that it would be fewer than 'thousands of troops’.