Trump names Robert O’Brien as NSA

Trump names Robert O’Brien as NSA

Agency News

Washington, Sep 18 : US President Donald Trump on Wednesday appointed Robert O'Brien as the new National Security Advisor, succeeding lawmaker John Bolton.
The US President made the announcement on micro-blogging site Twitter, soon after declaring new sanctions on Iran, in response to Saturday's attack on Saudi oil facilities, The Guardian reported.

The appointment of O'Brien, considered a low-profile loyalist of the Trump administration, is being seen as a win for Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

The President is said to have been impressed with the Californian lawyer's work on US residents, held in North Korea and Turkey.

Before the Trump administration, O'Brien had a largely low-key government career. The then President George W Bush sent him as a representative to the UN General Assembly in 2005 and he was involved in judicial reform in Afghanistan in the last year of the Bush administration.(UNI)