Hong Kong calls off fireworks marking China’s National Day

Hong Kong calls off fireworks marking China’s National Day

Agency News

Hong Kong: In a setback to China’s supremacy, the Hong Kong has called off an annual fireworks display marking China's National Day on October 1 due to the continued pro-democracy protests.

Hong Kong authorities expect major protests on that China’s National Day , which marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party-governed People's Republic of China.

The city authorities in a statement on Wednesday have made it clear that the October 1 show over its famed Victoria Harbour had been canceled "in view of the latest situation and having regard to public safety."

The prodemocracy protests have aleady divided the city. On Wednesday witnessed the grudge between the pro and anti Chinese followers. While dozens of supporters of China waved Chinese flags and sang the national anthem in a mall on Wednesday, anti-government protesters booed them.

Hong Kong has experienced often-violent demonstrations all summer as many residents fear their rights and freedoms are being eroded by the mainland Chinese government.