No PR firm to safeguard Hong Kong’s old glory

No PR firm to safeguard Hong Kong’s old glory

Agency News

The old glory of Hong Kong has already been battered with three month-long protests. The attempts of the Hong Kong government to find out global public relations(PR) firms it has approached to salvage the financial hub’s tarnished reputation has also ended in failure as no PR firms are ready to take up this tough job.

The three month-long anti-government protests continued to wreak havoc months into its deepest political crisis in decades. The reluctance among the PR firms has been revealed by none other than the Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam recently.

While talking with a group of business people in the city in late August, Carrie Lam said that the government had approached eight global PR companies to help it relaunch Hong Kong. “ But four immediately declined because that would be a detriment to their reputation to support the Hong Kong government now,” according to a transcript of her speech published by Reuters last week. Two more declined later, she said.

With the remaining two more PR firms declined the task, it appears that all eight PR firms have turned down the government’s invitation of bids. Quoted the Hong Kong government’s information services department, Guardian said the no bid was received by the close of the quotation period.

Hailing the reputation of Hong Kong as a cosmopolitan city, Lam said at a press briefing on Tuesday: “But Hong Kong’s fundamentals remain very strong ... the time will come for us to launch a major campaign to restore some of the damage done to Hong Kong’s reputation.”