Water cannon vs Petrol bombs; Protesters clash with Police  in Hong Kong

Water cannon vs Petrol bombs; Protesters clash with Police in Hong Kong


Hong Kong Police have engaged in a head-on clash with protesters in the city on Sunday. Breaking the police ban, thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators took part in a march which ensued in the violence.

As the rally dispersed the illegal rally, hardcore protesters clashed with police in the streets around the parliament and government offices, throwing firebombs and projectiles. While the Police in Hong Kong have used water cannon and tear gas, protesters responded with petrol bombs and bricks against police. After this, Pro-democracy and anti-democracy protesters also engaged in a clash around the city.

Earlier hundreds rallied outside the British Consulate, demanding the UK press China to maintain freedoms guaranteed during the 1997 handover.

The months of unrest were sparked by a proposed extradition bill, which would have made it possible for people in Hong Kong to be extradited to mainland China. The bill was at first shelved, and then the government announced it would withdraw it completely. Even though, the protesters are not yet ready to relent. Now the protests have been expanded into calls for more democracy in Chinese territory. The arrests of pro-democracy leaders have sparked new set of protests in Hong Kong. They are calling for full democracy and an investigation into allegations of police brutality, among other demands.