Navy planes track Chinese warship in Sri Lankan waters

Navy planes track Chinese warship in Sri Lankan waters


The Indian Navy’s P-8I spy planes, have successfully tracked Chinese amphibious warship Xian-32 in the Southern Indian Ocean Region on Monday. Pictures of Landing Platform Dock Xian 32 clicked by P-8I surveillance aircraft in the half of September before it entered Sri Lankan waters were released by news agencies attributing to Indian Navy sources.

The P-8I also tracked another Chinese frigate that is part of its anti-piracy escort task force deployed in the Gulf of Aden to provide security to Chinese merchant vessels from Somali sea pirates. 'The Pic was taken when the frigate was passing through the Indian Ocean,' said a news agency.

Indian and Chinese soldiers had recently been engaged in a scuffle near Pangong Tso Lake in Ladakh. The face-off reportedly occurred in an area which stretches for more than 130 km and is claimed by both.

While the two sides disengaged after talks, the incident again brings into focus their unresolved border dispute when China appears to be taking Pakistan’s side in their attempts to internationalise the Kashmir issue.