24 Taliban militants, Commander surrender: N Afghanistan

24 Taliban militants, Commander surrender: N Afghanistan

Agency News

Faizabad, Afghanistan, Sep 16 : Two dozens of Taliban militants including their commander have surrendered to the Afghan army in northern Badakhshan province, an army source said Monday.

"Twenty-four Taliban militants surrendered and handed over their weapons to the Afghan National Army in Yamgan district, Badakhshan province on Sunday evening," Afghan National Army Corps 217 Pamir confirmed in a statement.Those among the militants was Qari Sultan, commander of the surrendered group, the statement said.

"We found out Taliban militants have turned from the right path and they are fighting to harm Afghans so we decided to quit that wrong pathway and join the reconciliation process," Sultan was quoted in the statement as saying.

He also called on fellow Taliban members to join the process.

More than 200 Taliban militants gave up fighting and surrendered to Afghan security forces in neighboring Takhar and Kunar provinces earlier this month.(UNI)