A song turns up the heat on Hong Kong protests…

A song turns up the heat on Hong Kong protests…

Hong Kong protesters have come on Friday with a new way of protest- sing-along a new song called ‘Glory to Hong Kong’ and that song has almost become the unofficial national anthem of Hong Kong protesters.

Protesters now widely sing this anthem together wherever they can gather. They sing the new song in malls, public places and roads. These mass sing-alongs now spook the Chinese authority that the new song may have replaced the Chinese national anthem.

The song ‘Glory to Hong Kong’ was composed by an anonymous musician last month who prefer to be called ‘T’ or ‘Thomas’ as he was afraid of being targeted by the authorities . But soon after the release, the song has quickly swept across the city, with supporters singing it en-masse on the streets, in shopping malls and even during soccer games.

In an interview with Hong Kong news site Stand News, the composer, “T,” said he had been trying to write a song since the protests began in June. There are Cantonese and English versions of the song. The writer ‘T’ took inspiration from Baroque music, the national anthems of the UK, the US and Russia, as well as patriotic songs.

Lately, large crowds in malls across the city broke into the anthem, which includes lyrics such as "For Hong Kong, may freedom reign." Earlier in the week, football fans at a World Cup qualifier match between Hong Kong and Iran not only booed the Chinese national anthem, but also sang this new new protest tune.

For over three months, pro-democracy protesters in the semi-autonomous Chinese city have been demonstrating over a range of issues, including demands for universal suffrage. The protests were kicked off after Hong Kong authorities decided to implement a new extradition bill.

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