Would consider an interim trade deal with China, says Trump

Would consider an interim trade deal with China, says Trump

Agency News

Washington, Sep 13: US President Donald Trump has said that the United States would consider reaching a partial trade deal with China, even though he would not prefer it.
The president said he would like to ink a full agreement with China after addressing Washington’s concerns over the commercial ties. However, he left the door open to striking a limited deal with Beijing.

'If we’re going to do the deal, let’s get it done. “A lot of people are talking about it, I see a lot of analysts are saying an interim deal — meaning we’ll do pieces of it, the easy ones first. But there’s no easy or hard. There’s a deal or there’s not a deal. But it’s something we would consider, I guess,' Trump told reporters on Thursday evening, CNBC reported.

Trump spoke to reporters before departing Washington to attend a Republican lawmakers’ conference in Baltimore, Maryland. Trump also said the United States will delay for two weeks imposing an additional 5 percent tariff on 250 billion dollar worth of annual Chinese imports that are already carrying 25 percent US tariffs as a goodwill gesture to Beijing.

In an earlier statement on Wednesday, Trump had said the delay was being undertaken at the request of the Chinese Vice Premier Liu He and due to the fact that China will be celebrating its 70th anniversary. As the trade war rages, Trump has downplayed its effects on American consumers and the US economy. The president has said he is fine to leave tariffs in place, arguing China has taken a bigger hit from the duties than the US.

The Chinese government's customs tariff commission published earlier two lists containing 16 US goods that will be exempted from additional import duties for the period from September 17, 2019 to September 16, 2020. UNI