Two French ministers receive death threats

Two French ministers receive death threats

Agency News

Paris, Sep 11: French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire and Minister of Public Action and Accounts Gerald Darmanin have received death threats, including bullets in a post, local media reported on Wednesday.

According to the BFMTV broadcaster's sources, the Ministry of Finance received a letter containing three bullets on Tuesday. The sender said two of the bullets were meant for Le Maire and the third for his budget minister, Gerald Darmanin.
Le Maire has filed a complaint for the latest threat and two earlier threats in August.
The first threat letter was sent to police in the Basque country city of Bayonne in August, threatening to “pulverize” Le Maire’s summer holiday house during the August 24-27 G7 summit.

The second letter, which came to the official’s house, threatened to destroy Le Maire himself.

It was not immediately clear who sent the threats or what their motive was, but the letters had coincided with an increase in violence towards politicians in tense political climate after the Yellow Vest protests. (UNI)