Russia’s ruling party bruised in Moscow poll

Russia’s ruling party bruised in Moscow poll

Agency News

Moscow, Sep 9: United Russia party has lost multiple seats and suffered major losses in Sunday's election in the Federation's capital city but retained its numero uno status across the nation, according to preliminary voting results.

The party lost nearly a third of the segments in the 45-member parliament, but still had majority with 26 seats.

Exclusion of the opposition candidates triggered mass protests.

The Communist Party is expected to get 13 seats, while the liberal Yabloko party and left-leaning Just Russia will each have three seats.

"On the whole, United Russia's campaign across the country was very, very successful. In some places, it got more seats, in others - fewer. Across the country, the party showed its political leadership", BBC quoted Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov as saying.

United Russia was formed in 2001 to support President Vladimir Putin, whose ratings have fallen in recent months. (UNI)