Typhoon Faxai: Over 200 flights, 100 trains cancelled

Typhoon Faxai: Over 200 flights, 100 trains cancelled

Agency News

Tokyo, Sep 8 : Over 200 domestic flights were cancelled throughout Japan on Sunday ahead of the approaching Typhoon Faxai, which is expected to reach the country's eastern coast later in the day, media reported.

Earlier on Sunday, the NHK broadcaster reported that more than 20 flights and 50 trains would be suspended ahead of the typhoon.

According to the same broadcaster, as of 0900 hrs (GMT), a total of 206 flights have been canceled.

Japan Airlines has canceled 94 domestic flights and two international flights on Sunday. All Nippon Airways has also canceled at least 16 flights and halted six flights between Tokyo's Haneda Airport and the eastern island of Hachijojima.
Airline companies are all calling on travelers to check updated information about their flights on their websites.

Additionally, at least 117 bullet trains between Tokyo and Osaka have been canceled ahead of the typhoon.

Japanese authorities have also issued a level four out of five evacuation advisory for over 40,000 households in the Tokyo metropolitan area and neighboring Shizuoka and Kanagawa prefectures.

Typhoon Faxai's wind speed is currently around 134 miles per hour according to Japan's Meteorological Agency.(UNI)