Taliban is threat to country’s security: Afghan spokesman

Taliban is threat to country’s security: Afghan spokesman

Agency News

Kabul, Sep 8 : Day after United States President Donald Trump cancelled 'secret talks' with the Taliban, Afghanistan's Presidential spokesperson Sediq Sediqqi on Sunday said Taliban is a threat to the security of the country and the region."Peace will come to Afghanistan when the talks are under the leadership and ownership of Afghans," he said.

Speaking on the US-Taliban talks, he said " We expected an outcome from the (US-Taliban) talks which were ceasefire and direct negotiations,” adding that any peace process should be Afghan-led and Afghan-owned. He also said Afghan government has no conditions for talks but it has conditions for negotiations and that is the Taliban should stop killing Afghans.

Earlier the Afghan Presidential Palace issued a statement stating that the government of Afghanistan to pursue a dignified and sustainable peace and are committed to putting any effort into ensuring peace in the country. "However, the government considers the Taliban’s obstinacy to increase violence against Afghans as the main obstacle to the ongoing peace negotiations. We have consistently stressed that genuine peace is possible when the Taliban stop the killing of Afghans, embrace an inclusive ceasefire, and enter into direct negotiations with the Afghan government, the statement said.

The Afghan government also lauded the 'earnest efforts of its allies' and said it is committed to working together with the United States and other partners to ensure honourable and enduring peace in the country. "The government of Afghanistan reiterates its stance on holding the presidential elections on September 28 to make sure the establishment of a legitimate government through the ballot box and to move forward in the ongoing peace process with full wisdom and precision,'' the statement added. (UNI)