Welsh independence rally draws thousands

Welsh independence rally draws thousands

Agency News

London, Sep 7 : Thousands of independence campaigners are marching through Merthyr Tydfil.

Among those addressing the crowds are stars of rugby and football Eddie Butler and Neville Southall and singer Kizzy Crawford, says a BBC News report.
It is the third march, following demonstrations in Cardiff and Caernarfon earlier this year.

Organiser All Under One Banner Cymru said the situation in Westminster means Wales needs to make "its voice heard". "I've been waiting for this moment, this awakening, for a long time," said broadcaster Butler, a former Wales and Pontypool rugby captain.
He was joined by former Wales and Everton goalkeeper Southall and poet and playwright Patrick Jones. People started gathering in Penderyn Square from early morning, before the march started at 12noon and was due to finish in the same location for a rally.

Merthyr Tydfil-raised singer Kizzy Crawford said she was taking part because she was "disappointed with the racism, fascism, unfairness and chaos" she had seen in politics recently. "I think fighting for independence is a way to combat this chaos and make a difference," she said.

AUOB Cymru, a grassroots movement which organises marches calling for Welsh independence, was expecting thousands to attend. It is supported by groups including Yes Cymru but is not affiliated to any political party.

AUOB Cymru spokesman Llywelyn ap Gwilym said: "With the anti-democratic mess that is currently happening in Westminster, it is more important than ever for Wales to make its voice heard, and for the people of Wales to realise that there is a viable alternative: independence." (UNI)