Pak to buy old Egyptian Mirages

Pak to buy old Egyptian Mirages

Agency News

Pakistan is planning to buy 36 second-hand Mirage V fighters from the Egyptian Air Force which will then be upgraded to fit the requirements of the Pakistan Air Force. As per the Pakistani reports, negotiations with Egypt are in the final stages.

The 36 planes have already been retired from service by the Egyptian air force. Pakistan is an old customer of the Mirage. Gabon is the only country to fly the Mirage V with only one fighter jet being operational.

France had sold the Mirage 5 to Abu Dhabi, Belgium, Colombia, Egypt, Gabon, Libya, Pakistan, Peru, Venezuela, and Zaire.

Pakistan operates a fleet of 90 Mirage Vs and 69 Mirage III fighter jets. In 1995, the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) initiated Operation ROSE (Retrofit Of Strike Element) for upgrading the military avionics and electronics system of its ageing fleet.