Canadian politicians don’t care about citizens, says new poll

Canadian politicians don’t care about citizens, says new poll

Agency News

Ottawa, Sep 6: The majority of people in Canada are unhappy with their politicians for neglecting them saying that politicians are not concerned, local media reported on Friday.

According to a new survey done by Ipsos, the society is ''broken'' and the economy is rigged in favour of elites.

The findings suggest that populist attitudes -- as well as nativist (or anti-immigrant) sentiments -- have gained new ground in Canada.

The results, released yesterday, provide a suggestion as to what political leaders could be facing from voters as they attempt to woo them in the upcoming federal election.

Darrell Bricker, CEO of Ipsos, said that the general sentiments ''create a series of difficulties for all the parties.''

''It’s not like one party is seen as a specific solution to any of this or specifically tapping into this,'' he said. ''What it is, is that it creates a different context for everybody that’s out there.''

The survey results, provided exclusively to Global News among Canadian outlets, were gathered at the end of March and early April.

They were collected as part of a poll that included 27 countries.

Sixty-one per cent of Canadian respondents agreed traditional political parties don’t care about people like them -- an increase of five points over polling done in 2016, the first year of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s mandate. (UNI)