Hong Kong to get permanent relief from extradition bill

Hong Kong to get permanent relief from extradition bill

Agency News

Beijing, Sep 4 : Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam is expected to announce formal withdrawal of the extradition bill, which has triggered mass rallies in the administrative region, thus fulfilling a key demand of protesters, media reported on Wednesday, citing sources.

Even though the government has pledged to suspend the bill, people are demanding that it be withdrawn completely. According to the South China Morning Post, Lam will announce this decision later on Wednesday.

"This gesture to formally withdraw is a bid to cool down the atmosphere," a source said,"The chief executive started to change her mind after meeting with 19 city leaders two weeks ago. She heeded their views on how to de-escalate the tensions," another source specified.

Protesters, who have been taking to the streets since early June, have five demands to the government, while the withdrawal of the bill, which would allow extradition to mainland China, is the first and the most important one. They also call on the government to stop qualifying June 12 rallies as mass unrest, to release all previously detained protesters, to conduct an independent investigation into law enforcers' actions during June 12 rallies, and to hold direct general elections. (UNI)