Former Japanese Empress to undergo breast cancer surgery

Former Japanese Empress to undergo breast cancer surgery

Agency News

Tokyo, Sep 4 : Former Japanese Empress Michiko, who was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer last month, will have surgery on Sunday at the University of Tokyo Hospital.

Japan Today reported that the 84-year-old, now referred to as the empress Emerita, will be admitted to hospital on Saturday for surgery. A lump was found in July in her left breast's mammary gland during an echography exam and the cancer diagnosis was confirmed after a needle biopsy was conducted on Aug 2.

The former empress rested in Karuizawa, Nagano Prefecture, and Kusatsu in Gunma Prefecture late last month with her husband, former Emperor Akihito, who abdicated at the end of April.

She had lost weight due to stress and a busy schedule due to the imperial succession, according to the Imperial Agency. In June, she underwent cataract surgery on both of her eyes after being diagnosed with heart valve abnormalities, with the condition continuing to be monitored.(UNI)