Taliban storms another Afghan city, clashes ongoing

Taliban storms another Afghan city, clashes ongoing

Agency News

Pul-e-Khumri, Sep 1 : Taliban militants stormed Pul-e-Khumri city, capital of northern Baghlan province, on Sunday, one day after they failed to capture the capital of neighboring Kunduz province, local officials confirmed.

"Dozens of Taliban militants carried out attacks before dawn from two locations on positions of security forces on the northern outskirts of Pul-e-Khumri. The security forces are fighting a tense battle to push back the attackers," Xinhua quoted a provincial security official said.

Clashes between security forces and Taliban were ongoing as of 1000 hrs local time Sunday, he said. The militants also fired several rockets onto the central part of the city. "We still cannot provide details on casualties. There is fear of possible casualties," the source said.

The fresh attack came as daily violence and clashes have been continuing in the country. Further details about the incident are still forthcoming amid the absence of any official statement. On Saturday, Taliban militants launched a massive attack and tried to overrun Kunduz city, capital of neighboring Kunduz province but Afghan security forces evicted the attackers after day-long clashes.

At least six civilians, nine security force personnel and 38 Taliban militants were killed while 35 civilians and security forces personnel and 10 militants were wounded during Saturday's clashes. Following the clashes, a Taliban suicide bomber targeted a group of police officers and reporters standing at a main traffic circle in Kunduz city, on Saturday evening, killing 10 and injuring five others, including provincial police chief.