UK government asks Queen to suspend Parliament

UK government asks Queen to suspend Parliament

Agency News

The UK government has asked the Queen to suspend Parliament just days after MPs return to work in September.

Boris Johnson said a Queen's Speech would take place after the suspension, on 14 October. But it means MPs are unlikely to have time to pass laws to stop a no-deal Brexit on 31 October.

At the same time, the Speaker John Bercow has issued an extraordinary statement. “I have had no contact from the Government, but if the reports that it is seeking to prorogue Parliament are confirmed, this move represents a constitutional outrage,” he says.

Tory backbencher Dominic Grieve called the move "an outrageous act". He warned it could lead to a vote of no confidence in Mr Johnson, adding: "This government will come down."

But the prime minister said it was "completely untrue" to suggest the suspension was motivated by a desire to force through no deal.

He said he did not want to wait until after Brexit "before getting on with our plans to take this country forward", and insisted there would still be "ample time" for MPs to debate the UK's departure.

Meanwhile, SNP MP Joanna Cheery has confirmed that she has spoken to her legal team about speeding up the action in the Scottish courts to stop Boris Johnson shutting down parliament, which was due to be heard of September 6.