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Tibetans at crossroads: Should Dalai Lama give up ‘freedom movement’?

Agency News

Beijing, Aug 28: Tibetan culture and people are definitely part of 'bigger Chinese culture' and the 'freedom movement' must be given up, pro-Chinese two youth Tibetan leaders have said here.

"First, the Tibetan people are all part of bigger Tibetan culture," said La Xian Jia, Deputy Director with Institute of Tibetan Religious Studies.
"And I think everyone share my views in China. The Chinese culture and policy on Tibet people and religion has been consistent," he told a group of visiting Indian journalists here. Answering questions during an interaction in presence of a handful of pro-Chinese Tibetan leaders, he further said: "The Spiritual leader the Dalai Lama should give the Freedom Movement."

In order to strengthen his argument, the young leader said," In fact, the Tibetan culture is well protected by law." The visiting journalist from India is on a week-long tour of China beginning from August 24 and reached Nanning in southern part of China on Tuesday. The Chinese officials are expected to brief them on Wednesday on mega and unique poverty alleviation programme in Nanning on Wednesday.
Nanning- also called Green City of China-falls under Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.
Meanwhile, answering questions, Xian Jia also said, "Some accusations' made in the western media that the Chinese government is against Tibetan culture and pursuing high handed policy is "unfounded".
He also argued rather strongly that his own family members and relatives residing in Tibet are "protecting" their religious and cultural freedom without any fear or apprehension.
On India's role in the entire Tibetan issue and the Dalai Lama moving into India in 1960s; he said, "It is true the Dalai Lama was very active in pursuing freedom movement for Tibet. I only hope he gives up his actions on the freedom movement."
"After he left for India; development of Tibet has been remarkable," he added.
Sharing similar views, another youth Tibetan leader and a researcher with the Institute of Tibetan Contemporary Studies C Xiao Jie said, "There are differences between India and China on the Tibetan issue."
But he argued, the Dalai Lama has never said he is 'not a Chinese' and thus he also went onto say, "I also hope India's government will also give up supporting Dalai Lama as a leader of a freedom movement."