US must lift sanctions for talks to start: Iran

US must lift sanctions for talks to start: Iran

Agency News

Tehran, Aug 27 : The US needs to lift sanctions before negotiations on the nuclear deal could take place, President Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday.

He said the US must honour its commitments to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action as a prelude to negotiations. "They need to come back to their commitments; they need to change the wrong way they have chosen and serve the security and interests of the world," Rouhani said. In November last year, the Trump administration re-imposed sanctions targeting critical sectors of Iran's economy, such as the energy, shipping and shipbuilding, and financial sectors.

Regarding relations between Iran and the US, he said that there cannot be any positive developments without lifting the sanctions.

“This lock will not open unless you take the first step, which is lifting the unjust sanctions against the Iranian nation,” Islamic Republic news agency quoted him as saying.

His statement follows French President Emmanuel Macron's proposal at a joint press conference in Biarritz, France, ending G-7 Summit about possibility of meeting between the Iranian and US presidents.

Referring to the US claims that the only thing it wants from Iran is not to develop atomic weapons, he said, “This is incorrect. We are not seeking atomic weapons, because our military doctrine is based on conventional weapons, and we are not seeking to develop WMDs at all”.

Rouhani said that during his two terms in office, his government has had the motto of "constructive interaction with the world,'' adding that at the beginning of his second term, the Supreme Leader advised the government to focus on developing ties with the outside world. "We want no clash with the world and are ready to cooperate with all the friendly countries. We are ready to move in the framework of our security and national interests enshrined by international law."

Rouhani said that the course of the negotiations with other parties to the JCPOA will continue. Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif flew to France on Sunday to hold talks with Macron and Foreign Minister Jean Yves Le Drian to discuss with senior officials of the states parties to JCPOA on how to salvage the JCPOA. Zarif met Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Beijing before flying to Tokyo on Tuesday. (UNI)