Will make ‘big trade deal’ with Britain after Brexit: Trump

Will make ‘big trade deal’ with Britain after Brexit: Trump

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Biarritz, Aug 25 : US President Donald Trump on Sunday said the US and Britain would work out a 'very big trade deal,' after Brexit.

Addressing the media after a breakfast meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in France, where the leaders have gathered for the G-7 summit, Mr Trump said a deal with the UK would happen 'soon'.

"We are going to make a very big deal, bigger than we have ever had with the UK," the US Premier added.

This was the first meeting between the two leaders, after Johnson succeeded Theresa May as Prime Minister in July.

In a later interview with the BBC, Mr Johnson said agreeing any trade deals with the US within a year "would be tight".

"My own experience of the way Americans work, the size and complexity of the deal we want to do probably means we won't be able to do within a year," he stated.
When asked if it could take five years, he replied "No, we'll do it faster than that. We need to do it fast, but to get the whole thing done from soup to nuts within a year is going to be a big ask."(UNI)