Google disables YouTube Channels that work against Hong Kong Protests

Google disables YouTube Channels that work against Hong Kong Protests

Agency News

Google on Thursday has disabled a series of YouTube channels that appeared to influence campaign against pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. Google disabled as many as 210 YouTube channels that have been engaging in a coordinated manner to stifle the Hong Kong protests by uploading videos. Google, YouTube's parent company, decision was close on the heels of similar moves from Twitter and Facebook.

Google has pointed an accusing finger against the Chinese government of backing a social media campaign to discredit Hong Kong's protest movement. "This discovery was consistent with recent observations and actions related to China announced by Facebook and Twitter," said Shane Huntley of the Google’s security threat analysis group. Twitter and Facebook announced this week that they suspended nearly 1,000 active accounts linked to a coordinated influence campaign. Twitter said it had shut down about 200,000 more before they could inflict any damage.

"These accounts were deliberately and specifically attempting to sow political discord in Hong Kong, including undermining the legitimacy and political positions of the protest movement on the ground," Twitter said, referring to the active accounts it shut down. Facebook said some of the posts from accounts it banned compared the protesters in Hong Kong with ISIS group militants, branded them "cockroaches" and alleged they planned to kill people using slingshots.