Trump orders elimination of student loan debt for disabled military veterans

Trump orders elimination of student loan debt for disabled military veterans

Agency News

Washington, Aug 22: US President Donald Trump signed a memorandum to eliminate all federal student loan debt accumulated by 25,000 disabled military veterans, saying it’s the nation who owes them instead for their service. "The Secretary of Education is hereby directed to develop as soon as practical a process consistent with applicable law to facilitate the swift and effective discharge the Federal student loan debt of totally and permanently disabled veterans," Trump said in the memo issued by the White House on Wednesday.

During his speech at 75th annual American Veterans convention in Kentucky, Trump announced the memorandum and the new policy directing the Education Department to eliminate “every penny” of student loan debt for about 25,000 disabled veterans, who owe an average of 30,000 dollar, the Washington Times reported. The president said the action is worthy of veterans 'who have made immense sacrifices, the ultimate sacrifice in many ways, for our nation'.

“That’s hundreds of millions of dollars in student debt held by our severely wounded warriors — it’s gone forever,” the president said. In June, Bipartisan legislation was introduced in Congress to dismiss all federal student loan debt for eligible veterans, regardless of whether they applied for related programs at the Education and Veterans Affairs departments. The president also addressed the suicide crisis among veterans. He touted a new nasal spray approved by the Food and Drug Administration(FDA) that is being used to treat individuals for depression.

He said veterans contemplating suicide should know help is available. Each day on average in the US, 22 veterans take their own lives. Mr Trump also called on the drug manufacturer, Johnson & Johnson, to provide the spray to the government free of charge. He said he has ordered the VA to buy as much of it as possible in the meantime. “They’ve done so well in this country, and they’ve made so much money, I think they should give it to us for free,” the president said.UNI